Top Free Apps Recommended For Stylists:

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The free Square Reader works with the free Square Register app to allow everyone to take payments on your smartphone or tablet.

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Salon performance source of passenger traffic, passenger unit off frequency of consumption, in order the performance soar necessary to improve customer management, the beauty industry CRM customer management software is the first professional salon CRM software.

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        Creators Connect is a symbiotic community of worldwide creators of all skill-sets and interests who are interested in meeting new collaborators.

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Allows beauty enthusiasts to discover the hottest trends, products and local beauty professionals. Users can explore beauty trends served up in a variety of categories such as Hair, Makeup and Celebrities, and then save their favorites to personalized LookBooks.

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Hair Stylist Client Book was designed specifically for hair stylist and salon needs. Safely keep your client data and appointments in the cloud, and never worry about losing your book full of contacts, phone numbers, and appointments.

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    This app is for you, too! StyleSeat is a free tool to help you manage your appointment book, client list, menu of services, photos and online profiles. Clients get automatic text and email reminders for appointments and you get simple client tracking and revenue reporting.

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           TapStyle makes your hair salon/beauty salon business more efficient and stylish. TapStyle offers all the necessary features for hair salon / hair stylist / hairdresser in one package.

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       The Loxa Beauty app is an easy tool that stylists can use to recommend professional beauty products to their clients via email.

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   HairPro Tracker is your all inclusive revenue tracking and reporting application for anyone wishing to track their service and retail earnings from behind the chair. It’s easy to use, full of features and great interface makes it an essential tool for every hairstylist.

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   The best tutorials, and tricks for stronger and pretty hair. Now you can get the tips, and know how to get dazzling hair at your fingertips!

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         Litmind is the social network where models, photographers, make-up artists, stylists and agencies meet to work together

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Felp lets users add their personal skills to their profile (Example: Photography, programming, hair stylist, carpentry, etc…). Your main feed is populated automatically with a list of all your connections using Felp, along with their skills. It’s easy to find a contact that has a certain skill

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       The i-Referral app lets you earn credit towards your next appointment / purchase by referring your service provider such as your dentist, hair stylist and nail salon to your friends and family.

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 Click and Go App is a premier mobile application and mobile marketing company. Click and go app designs and creates native mobile applications for small to medium businesses as well as for professionals. Some of our clients are Lawyers, Doctors, Hair Stylist, Restaurant owners, Real Estate Agents, Fitness Studios, Book Authors and many more.

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 This app will allow you to find Beauty Salons and Spas in your local area. Read reviews and make appointments with respective businesses. Get email and text reminders for your appointments. Collect and redeem points towards services and much more…

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  The Cosmetology Study Guide helps students prepare for the state board cosmetology licensing exam. This is the ultimate way of studying for the boards. Each quiz has some of the same questions which will help with repetition to pass the boards. If you are doubting yourself, start the quiz and you will be able to overcome your doubts. This free version includes questions from each of the three quizzes and options to download them individually or together.


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